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December 2017

Featured Artist

Myrna Wilkinson

A Breezy Day in Nova Scotia - Watercolour

Message From the President

"Sometime the most productive thing you can do is relax.” - Mark Black

I love to start this message with a quote as I find it easier to write something when there are already a few words down.  The quote above is particularly important to remember as we head into the festive season and all its hectic-ness. I know that I already am having panic attacks about getting everything done in the next few weeks, and thinking about stopping and enjoying an evening of painting just makes me laugh.  But it’s what I know I need to do. I’m sure it’s the same with you in that when one gets into “the zone” of doing their artwork, all stresses, worries and hassles just seem to disappear for a couple hours and one feels so generated afterwards.

I am part of what we call the “Thursday Night Ladies” and we have been meeting every Thursday night for over 20 years to visit, do artwork, tackle fun projects, learn new things and in general - support each other in our artistic journeys.  I live for those evenings as that is my escape, the recharging of my batteries, my time to “relax” and yes - we are very productive during those relaxing times.  I am sure many of you belong to such groups as well - whether it is in a classroom situation, or a gathering in a house or community centre, isn’t it something to really look forward to each week? I do hope each of you have the pleasure of a similar weekly experience! And if you do and want to welcome more people to your group - please bring a page with the details to the next meeting and we can post it on the community board to spread the word. Everyone should be so lucky.

Rick’s critique last month was amazing and so informative!  And there was such a variety of artwork for him to apply his knowledge to - great work SWCA members! I found it really helpful to learn what the meaning of “impact” meant when the jurors are viewing a piece of artwork. Rick’s explanation was clear and easy to understand and it will make me think a bit more when starting a new piece. I hope you enjoyed the program as well.

December’s gathering is going to be so much fun.  It will seem similar to our other gatherings with a featured artist, a fantastic program and a People’s Choice event!  More info on that is below. What will make this gathering stand out will be the potluck desserts and appetizers!  Please remember to write down any allergens that might be in the treats you bring - nuts, gluten, etc.  We don’t want anyone to get ill at this time of year. If you are not able to bring a treat, then please consider donating $5 to go towards all the extras (plates, drinks, etc.)  My mouth is already watering!  We are going to need a bit more help with set-up though so if any of you can come a bit early to help with this - it would be appreciated! 

So in closing - I hope all of you have a “relaxing” and festive holiday season, filled with close friends and family!  Take care and hope to see you December 11th!

Eveline Garneau

Welcomed Guests & Programs

December Christmas Party

We will be holding a Dessert and Appetizer Potluck at our annual Christmas party during the December meeting. Bring your favourite treat to share with the group! If you are not able to contribute, please consider a $5 donation to help cover costs.

People’s Choice is back!

People's Choice will be held at our December meeting.  If you are an Exhibiting, Associate or Signature member who has not won People's Choice in the last 2 years, you are invited to bring in 1 completed painting for presentation to the membership, to be voted on by all members. Winners will have their artwork displayed on the homepage of our website each month, and also shown in our website's Featured Artists section.

Our December Meeting will feature:

December Program: Portraiture with Oksana Zhelisko

Oksana is an accomplished painter who does luminous portraits and much more! She works at The Paint Spot art supply store, is one of their favourite workshop instructors and still has time to paint! Don’t miss December’s program, Oksana’s portrait work is exquisite. We are sure you will be inspired after Oksana shares tips and techniques! Don’t miss it! Check out her work online at: www.zheliskoart.com

December Featured Artist: John Labots 

For any SWCA member that would like to submit program ideas and/or names of local artists you’d like us to ask to come in to demonstrate their skills, please email all suggestions to Laurel Hawkswell.

Laurel Hawkswell,Programs Committee Chair

SWCA Library

Closed for the Christmas Party!

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 December 11, 2017 starting at 7:00pm (Christmas Party)

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