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March 2018

Featured Artist

Greg Milne

The U Bar Ranch - Oil

Message From the President

Grow your talents and skills through a consistent practice and progressive learning. Learn to relearn and unlearn. Raise the bar for yourself always. - Israelmore Ayivor (Become a Better You)

I don’t have a TV. Well, actually, I don’t have cable. I do have a TV and a DVD player and a wonderful friend that owns Just For Fun, where I can get movies for next to nothing.  I generally don’t miss TV – the always troubling news, the unrealistic reality shows, the silly game shows – I think my life is better without them.  

BUT…every once in a while I wish I had cable. The Oscars are on tonight. I am not really into all the actual awards or dresses thing – what I love about shows like this is that whoever has to come up with the set designs, the dance choreography, the amazing props, has to come up with something even more amazing than last year. Similar to the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympics, each event raises the bar even higher for the next host.  What a daunting task, but they always seem to do it!

It’s the same with our artwork.  With each piece we start, it is our subconscious goal to raise the bar.  To take what we’ve learned, to not repeat past mistakes, to take positive influences and put it all into this new piece – making it better than all our past pieces.

One positive influence we just experienced was Anne McCartney’s critique at last month’s gathering.  She focused on composition and gave many excellent points throughout the pieces that were brought.  Critiques are an excellent tool towards “making it even better next time” and I am really thankful that they are part of our yearly programs.  I wonder if they critique the Oscars?

The March gathering will be SWCA’s AGM. Committee Chairpersons will be reading out their reports, the budget will be presented and we’ll have the elections for next year’s executive.  Most slots already have a name next to them but nominations are still being accepted for any position.  There are a few Committee Chairperson positions opening up come June but we would like to get volunteers for these positions now so that they can slip under the present Chairperson’s “wing” for the next few months, getting to learn the ropes before taking over this September.  Please consider one of the positions; it’s a great experience and so much appreciated by the whole membership.

We will also be hosting Rachel Bouchard, owner of The Front Gallery. Now there’s an individual who just raised her own bar.  She has just opened her brand new location and it is absolutely amazing. I look forward to hearing all about the ins and outs of her gallery life.  Bring all your questions as she’s told me that she’s looking forward to answering them all!

See you soon!

Eveline Garneau

Notice of Annual General Meeting

Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of the members of the Society of Western Canadian Artists will be held at Laurier Heights Baptist Church, 8505 142 Street NW, Edmonton, AB, Lower Level on March 12, 2018 at 7:00 p.m.

• Presentation of the Annual Report for the year ending December 2017

• Election of Executive Officers

• Recruitment of volunteers for Committee vacancies


As of the date of this notice, the positions and member who have put forward their names are listed below. Additional nominees for ALL positions can still be submitted prior to and at the Annual General Meeting.  If you would like to put your name forward for any of the positions listed below, please contact Diana Templeton or Eveline Garneau.

President - Eveline Garneau (2nd term)

1st VP - Brenda Long (2nd term) / Note: Nominee is still being sought who is willing to serve as 1st VP this term and then advance and serve as president in 2019. 

2nd VP - Patricia Sorenson (2nd term)

Treasurer - Deb Achtymichuk (2nd term)

Secretary - Bonnie Stone / An assistant to the Secretary is also being sought.

Past-President - Diana Templeton (2nd term)

Committee Positions Needing To Be Filled

Feature Artist Coordinator

Membership Chair + committee members

Newsletter Chair / Editor

Programs Chair + committee members

Greeting Committee members

If you would like to volunteer for any of the positions listed above, please contact Eveline Garneau.

March Program

Feature Artist: Sue Scott

People's Choice: 

If you are an Exhibiting, Associate or Signature member who has not won People's Choice in the last 2 years, you are invited to bring in 1 completed painting for presentation to the membership, to be voted on by all members.  Winners will have their artwork displayed on the homepage of our website for one month, and also shown in our website's Featured Artists section. 

Speaker: Rachel Bouchard, The Front Gallery

Ever wonder who galleries are looking for and what they expect from artists? Well, now you can find out from our guest Rachel Bouchard, owner of the Front Gallery. There will be an opportunity for your questions.

SWCA Workshops


Sunday, April 8 / 12:00 – 5:00 pm / Signworks Plus 15607-100A Ave NW


$55.00 per person

Refreshments available

Painting is our reflection and perception of what we see and feel. If you respond to the passion that is inside of you that is when the real painting comes out.

In this one-day workshop, Oksana Zhelisko will show you how to turn an ordinary landscape into a vibrant colour story of your own.  You will take inspiration from your own landscape reference photos or sketches and elevate them to a unique, expressive work of art. You will also learn about vibrant colour mixes, strong composition methods, and the importance and evaluation of background versus foreground. You will create two small studies.

A supply list is available after registration is received. See registration information below.

A minimum of 10 people is needed for this workshop to proceed.


Saturday, May 26 / 10:00 am – 5:00 pm / Signworks Plus 15607-100A Ave NW


$55.00 per person

There will be a 1 hour lunch break. Refreshments available, but bring your own lunch (microwave available).

Add new ways of painting portraiture to your repertoire. Alla-prima means "at once" in Italian. This is a method of painting in one application, without retouching. It is also called "direct" painting. 

In this one day intensive and exciting workshop you will learn various techniques to master the alla-prima style of portrait painting, using reference images provided by the instructor: choosing a colour scheme, talking about composition, simplification and choosing the right style for your alla-prima portrait. We shall create one to two small studies (no pressure).

A supply list is available after registration is received. 

A minimum of 10 people is needed for this workshop to proceed.

TO REGISTER for either workshop:

Email Nancy Sorensen (click here) with your contact information and indicate the name of the workshop you wish to attend.

Mail your cheque to Society of Western Canadian Artists, c/o 15607 - 100A Ave. NW, Edmonton, AB  T5P 0L5 

OR cheques/cash can be brought to a SWCA monthly meetings prior to the workshop. 

Please make cheques payable to Society of Western Canadian Artists. 

SWCA Library

Opens at 6:30 pm at every meeting. Explore!

Upcoming Meetings

March 12, 2018 (Annual General Meeting)

April 9, 2018

May 14, 2018

June 11, 2018

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